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Avoid Early Symptoms of Heart Disease

The thought of heart disease can leave you wondering if you’re living right. You avoid cigarette smoke and you exercise, but is there more you can do to avoid heart disease? The truth is, you can take several steps to keep your heart and body healthy starting with a healthy diet and getting enough sleep.

Smoking Away Your Health

Cigarette smoke is attributed to several serious illnesses including heart disease. You can avoid heart disease by never picking up a cigarette and avoiding secondhand smoke when possible though. Fortunately, if you do smoke, you greatly reduce your risk of heart disease within a year of quitting, according to Strategies to Prevent Heart Disease

A Healthy Diet

Eating for your health comes with several benefits, like a healthy weight, preventing diabetes, and avoiding heart disease. A heart healthy diet involves avoiding fast food and foods high in saturated fats such as full-fat dairy foods and red meat. Trans fat, like those found in d goods margarine, are not heart-friendly either. In their place, eat fruits, vegetables and plenty of fish.

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